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Rasch universal wrapping machine type RU 2

Our all-rounder, Rasch wrapping machine type RU has been on service for decades if it comes to packaging of a high diversity of products. Now the second generation is available: The new, modular universal wrapping machine type RU 2 combines the RU's versatility with modern servo technology and brings Rasch wrapping technology up to a new level. Basic machine and devices are controlled by servo-drives, recipes can easily be saved.

Figures, flat-bottom chocolate articles, round or oval products, (small) tablets, chocolate bottles, truffles, balls, eggs, other rotational products or many more – this wrapping machine is the ideal partner for the wrapping of all of these articles. 

Even the wrapping styles offered by this machine are versatile: front-folding, figure foiling, figure folding, heat-sealing, double-twist wrap, die fold, envelope fold and single twist (sachet style) do not mean any problem to this machine type which can also attach a string. 

Moreover, Rasch wrapping machine type RU 2 offers varous possibilities for labelling which is getting more and more important regarding declaration regulations.

This machine can wrap up to 160 pieces per minute depending on product and/or wrapping style. Of course, it can handle all common packaging material. 

This machine can either be fed manually or be equipped with diverse, customized feeding systems in order to optimize production speed. Range of feeding devices comprises simple feeding belts as well as complex pick-and-place systems. Products can either be fed out of moulds or loose. 

Rasch wrapping machine type RU 2 can always be equipped with additional sets of format parts and devices. Change overs are quick and easy due to the modular concept of the machine. Recipe data containing details on products, folding styles or foil cut lengths can be retrieved at the push of a bottom to start production without any delay after a change over.