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Wilhelm Rasch GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne, has been known around the globe as a manufacturer for customized, innovative packaging solutions for confectionery industry. Quality, innovation and our service network stand for excellent wrapping solutions for our customers’ products. Rasch has the objective of offering entire wrapping solutions for the confectionery sector.

Amongst wrapping machines for hollow articles and other confectionery products, we also develop customized feeding and conveying systems. We also offer know-how in the field of production: Our tempering units, chocolate pumps and valves are excellent components for the production of high-quality chocolate novelties.

Why Rasch?

  • You get customized wrapping solutions for your products.
  • We develop original technology Made in Germany.
  • Our machines are reliable and have a long service-life.
  • On-time-service is highly important to us.
  • We offer reliable technical (after-sales-) service.